Our goal is to introduce, in a professional & educated manner, products to the consumer & spark a reason to fall in love with something new! M & Co. specializes in demos, particularly in fine retail settings such as New Seasons Markets, Zupan's, Whole Foods and other shops. We are an outstanding group of sommeliers, head buyers & professionals with 5-30+ years experience in the industry, specializing in consumer relations. We are dedicated to making a difference in the industry. Let's change how consumers try products in a retail setting, let's share our knowledge, get them excited and eager to share what they've tasted with family and friends.

In addition to retail support, we offer support to Local Tasting Rooms. We understand the difficulties of having a full-time staff on hand that is perfect to handle daily visitors but not enough to handle the busy holiday weekends or special events. Let us help you during those busy weekends and seasons! We have a team dedicated to regular tasting room support, while others are available on an as needed basis.

We specialize in wine, but are honored to pour for anyone in the beverage industry who want their product to be presented in a manner that reflects their premium product. We work closely with our suppliers, encourage staff training & educational hand outs to consumers. Consider us your Brand Ambassadors, servicing Portland-Metro area, Willamette Valley, Salem, Corvallis & Eugene.

M & Co is Co-Owned by founder Margaux Lemma and Colleen Nielsen.

Margaux Lemma

Picture of Margaux Lemma
Margaux Wagenmann (Lemma) started at 21 working with her family at Lemma Wine Company. She enjoyed every moment and made the hard decision at 34 to focus on family. The high costs of daycare, a busy traveling partner led her to focus on being a Mama to her two sweet children. Of course, she couldn't sit still! She started to offer her time to pour wines for local wineries such as Coeur de Terre, Seven of Hearts & ROCO. She soon became so busy she started to reach out to her connections for assistance - and soon found that many others in the industry wanted to join in, share their love of wine! She quickly founded Margaux & Co. on July 1, 2018 and has since branched out to support premium Domestic and Imported Wines, Breweries, hard Kombucha & Spirits.

Colleen Nielsen

Picture of Colleen Nielsen
Colleen fell in love with wine thanks to a sip of Oregon Pinot Noir at a wine tasting in a liquor store in Colorado. Twenty plus years later, they have helped with harvest at several Oregon wineries, spread the joy of Riesling with Riesling Invasion and Riesling Rocks, and have run two of the top performing wine/beer departments for Whole Foods Market here in Portland, as well as eventually helping to program wine and beer promotions for all of the Pacific Northwest Whole Foods stores. Colleen is owner and Creative Director for Noisy Cats Design along with their wife Lauren. Their clients include Loop de Loop Vintners, Teutonic Wine Company, Jackalope Wine Cellars, Well Played Wines, Vincent Wine Company, Helioterra and more. They are a Certified Sake Professional and an Introductory level Somm from the Court of Master Sommeliers. Colleen’s philosophy of wine is to slay the gatekeepers and to make wine as accessible and fun to enjoy and learn about to as many people as possible. They love to nerd out on tech sheets, elevage, and soil types, but are more concerned with the personality and drinkability of wines. In their downtime they can be found making terrible Cure covers on their little keyboard, playing pinball, or catching a movie at the Hollywood Theater.

Autumn Webring

Picture of Autumn Webring
A native Oregonian, Autumn spent her early years on the Coast, enjoying bonfire brunches on the beach, foraged chanterelles and all the bounty that this amazing state has to offer. As she grew into adulthood, she fell in love with the wines of Oregon and beyond; travel only deepened her passion and interest in wine and food. Spending time in New Zealand, Italy, France, Spain, Greece as well as throughout the US, she found she enjoyed not only drinking wine, but the experience of sharing it with people to bring a deeper meaning to the place and time. She had previously poured for local winery Youngberg Hill, sharing her enthusiasm with both visitors to the area and locals finding their new favorite bottle. Autumn lives in Portland with her husband, daughter, 2 cats and dog. She loves reading British mystery novels, baking, yoga and strengthening her French language skills.


Please inquire for cost of each service.

Service available in:

  • Portland Metro area including Beaverton, Lake Oswego, etc
  • Corvallis*
  • Salem*
  • Wine Country*
  • Vancouver, WA*

*Minimum 3 weeks notice required to ensure availability.

We provide details, coordinate payment & ensure our Pourer is ready to support your Tasting Room and/or event. Service available in:

  • Portland Metro area (Excludes Vancouver, WA)
  • Corvallis
  • Salem
  • Wine Country

Available in blocks of Ten (10) 3 hour demos or events at a discounted rate.
No expiration date.
All bulk packages must be pre-paid in full prior to the start of the first demo or event.
We provide:

  • Personalized feedback form w/link you can directly access at any time.
  • If desired, we can create a Sub-Team within M & Co that specializes in your brand(s), members must attend a formal education/class provided by the producer.